The AutoSens Award celebrates the best and brightest working at the cutting-edge of innovation in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. At the event in Brussels earlier this week, Veoneer and emotion3D were honored with the AutoSens Award in the category Most Innovative In-Cabin Perception Application.

It is a fact that a car crash impacts people in different ways as body factors play a role in accident injury severity. In fact, a female occupant is 73% more likely to suffer from serious injuries than seatbelt-wearing male occupants, according to the University of Virginia. Only when the Restraint Control System can distinguish between the occupant’s individual characteristics, optimal protection for everybody can be achieved.

The Smart-RCS uses a touchless 3D imaging sensors to derive precise real-time information about each occupant: situational factors like body position and body crash dynamics as well as body physique, age and sex so that the smart-RCS computes the optimal airbag deployment strategy tailored to each individual occupant.

“We are deeply honored for receiving the AutoSens Award for our Smart-RCS – saving lives when the unthinkable happens, says Jacob Svanberg, CEO of Veoneer.

Source: Veoneer press release | To read the whole press release by Veoneer, please click here.